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Exam Syllabus for Assistant Director Of Agriculture

Exam Syllabus for Assistant Director Of Agriculture Part-1 General Knowledge of Chhattisgarh 1. History of Chhattisgarh and contributions of Chhattisgarh in freedom struggle. 2. Geography, water, mineral resources, climate and physical conditions. 3. Literature, music, dance, art and culture of Chhattisgarh. 4. Tribals, dialects, teej and festivals of Chhattisgarh. 5. Economy, forest and agriculture of […]

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Plant pathogenic bacteria surviving in seeds and planting materials.

Sl.No Disease Bacteria a. Seed 1. Bacterial canker of tomato Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis 2. Goss’s bacterial wilt and blight of maize Clavibacter michiganensis  subsp. nebraskensis 3. Bacterial wilt of bean Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens 4. Bacterial brown stripe of rice Pseudomonas avenae 5. Bacterial grain rot of rice Pseudomonas glumae 6. Bacterial blight of […]

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BREEDING METHODS IN CROSS-POLLINATED CROPS Populations of cross-pollinated crop species are highly heterozygous as well as heterogeneous. Their genetic makeup is such that they show variable inbreeding depression. Consequently, breeding methods for cross-pollinated crop aim at preventing in breeding. The breeding methods commonly used in cross-pollinated crops may be grouped into two broad categories; Population improvement […]

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